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The Mediterranean area of Europe is the richest place in the world in Natural Marble deposits. Marble is primarily white but can come in other colors as well. Easystone INC is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of marble, directly from Greece, Italy, Spain and France. The founder of the company (grandfather of the today's owner) was born in Santorini island in the late 1890’s. He grew up during the years of WW1 and he got married to an Italian from Venice. In the early 1920’s he worked as an auditor for the Central Bank of Greece. At some point in the mid 20’s, Athens was becoming one of the center cities of Europe, and marble production for the new construction was in all time high.

The founder discovered that the ancient marble quarries in Penteli mountain (only 10 miles from Athens) were not used. These are the exact same quarries where 2500 years ago, the ancient Greeks of Pericles quarried and build Acropolis of Athens and the rest of the world known monuments. Since then, the founder took advantage of the availability of the land and bought 100.000m2 of government quarry area in 1926, starting the new business in 1927.

The original business was marble block excavation with two cutting factories for marble. Tiles, Slabs, Tops, Stairs and everything else needed at that time …. (As a matter of fact almost every building in Athens built between the years 1927 and 1960 has white marble supplied by our quarry). The company became one of the top Greek and European producers of white marble up until the late 1960’s when the founder/grandfather died . After his death the company continued operations under management of his kids. They expanded the business to other cities in Greece and operated more quarries and factories.

The 21st-century owner is the grandchild of the original founder and graduated from the University of Boston as an engineer. A lot of changes, inventions, and technology, changed the way marble was initially produced and reduced the costs for shipping and production. One of the inventions of the 1980’s was the Thin Stone Cutting Technology. Now marble could be cut in very thin sheets (slabs and tiles). Marble became a material affordable to almost everyone. The Stone business around the world started to boom.

During the past 30 years, Easystone INC is operating with large international contacts and exports to the world. Participating in every stone related exhibition, following the trends on designs and most of all loving the industry as a 3rd generation family-owned company.

Easystone INC is still one of the leader importers and manufacturers in the world. Exporting from Greece to Europe, USA and China, and having established a stable foundation for the future, Easystone INC is one of the top Importing companies of marble, granite, limestone, quartz, fabricating custom work, and specializing in hi-rise and multi-unit buildings.

Formation of natural stone

Since the dawn of our civilization, many of the world's landmarks have used natural stone for interiors and exteriors. Marble and granite provide an expression of quality, taste, grace and elegance to any surrounding.The use of natural stone was made affordable by major advancements throughout the stone industry in the mid 1970s.

What is natural marble and granite?

Varied regional chemical compositions of the earth have created many kinds of stone. Extreme temperature or pressure has melted some of the rocks into crystallized structures. The two most popular are marble and granite.

Deposits of natural stone (marble, granite, limestone, sandstone etc.) occur all over the world. Each one has it's own distinctive colors and characteristics. The natural stones used for decorative and construction applications can be separated into three geological categories

Sedimentary stones (such as limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine)

Volcanic stones (such as granite, basalt, porfido)

Metamorphic stones (such as marble, slate, gneiss, quartzite)

Natural stone Imitations

The two most popular, man-made, imitations of natural stone are stone composites and porcelain:

Composites are created by combining crushed stone with resins or cement. When mixed, and dried, the material is cut into shapes. It is not like marble because it does not have the beauty of natural patterns or the texture and the hardness of natural marble and granite.

Porcelain tiles are made of a conglomerate of sand and quartz. They are heated in ovens and melted with extreme temperatures.

Over many millions of years, natural stone has been compressed to create a substance that is so solid, that you cannot cut or slice it with anything other than the diamond. Each piece of natural stone is unique, with endless patterns. It will never crack, burn, warp, melt or bubble under weather changes or sunlight like most man-made products and synthetics do. Due to modern machinery and production techniques, natural stones, long the hallmark of wealth, are now available at relatively low cost.


Sedimentary and metamorphic stones such as Marble Limestone etc., are used for interiors and exteriors. Wall facades, floors, entryways, living rooms, kitchens, vanities, pools and fireplaces. Marble is used anywhere you want to portray a sense of elegance. Classic, modern, residential, commercial, Garden-design or urban-design.

Volcanic stones such as granite etc., due to their hardness and durability go with any style and can be used in any application: Traditional, country, contemporary, residential, commercial, garden-design or urban-design.


No two natural stone pieces are exactly alike. Each one is uniquely beautiful.

Colored stones are the result of various minerals and small amounts of staining matter within each stone. Natural marble has the highest appealing variations in color and physical properties. There are at least 1000 varieties of marble, over 300 varieties of granite, 200 varieties of sandstones mined throughout the world. All of them with unique colors and grains. All of them with countless veining, coloring patterns and shades.

The colors range from pure white, to creamy white, to the deepest black, blue, brown, green, tan, red, pink and all the colors in between. 

Because of the wide range of colors and textures, natural stones offer unlimited design possibilities.

Different finishes and sizes

Natural stones can be cut to size according to the customer's request. Different surface finishes (polished, honed flamed or sanded) give you that great creative flexibility. Marble, Granite, Limestone, sandstone, etc can be used for the interior as well as the exterior of any construction.

The common thicknesses are 1cm, 2cm or 3cm for tiles or slabs. Various edge finish details are also available.

Care and maintenance

Most natural stones are virtually indestructible. Under normal use, your natural stones will never need replacing. The shine is polished right into the stone, so using a damp cloth will keep your stone looking clean and new. When properly sealed, natural stone is practically waterproof.

Natural stones should be installed by a qualified tile setter or stone mason. Consult your local natural stone distributor for names of experienced installers.

We are the manufacturers of some of the leading products in today's stone industry. Our equipment, our inventory, and our 90-year experience can assure the success of your project

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