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5 Pool Bar Ideas That Utilize Natural Stone & Minerals

5 Pool Bar Ideas That Utilize Natural Stone & Minerals

Pools are ubiquitous in Miami, which is unsurprising given our hot, tropical climate, the city’s wealth, and its culture. Pools are personal little oases, a place to exercise, cool off and relax, or hang out with guests and family. They can also enhance a property, making it more luxurious and increasing its market value. Similarly, a pool bar can elevate a pool, transforming it into a personal piece of paradise on Earth. More than a place for a guest to have a drink in the shade while they’re waiting to dry after their swim, a pool bar can also be an entertainment hub for your guests to mingle and interact with each other. So, grab your beverage of choice and read on for some pool bar ideas that make use of natural stone and minerals.

Natural stone poolside wet bar

A pool bar/kitchen built into one of the sides of the pool. Guests can sit inside the bar and drink or eat while taking in the gorgeous view of the hardscape or they can dive into the water and swim up to the bar for a drink whenever they feel thirsty. Natural stone steps are a perfect way to connect the bar to the pool deck. For the siding of the inner walls and the floor tiling, natural stone remains a great choice. You can go with large or small cuts, smoothed or rough. A mix of the two on different surfaces can also create contrast and add character. Finally, a marble countertop with complementary colors and patterns completes the look.

Ledgestone poolside dry bar

A shaded space near the pool where your guests can sit and relax after their swim, enjoy a cold beverage and maybe watch a sports game on a wall-mounted TV. Ledgestone siding is used on all walls, inner and outer. Multicolor and single-tone looks can work depending on the surrounding hardscape. A marble countertop can complement either look with the right pattern and color combination.

Cobblestone poolside wet bar/kitchen

A rustic design fitting for pools which have cobblestone decks. If you have enough space and expect enough guests, surrounding the pool bar with tables can give it more of a Mediterranean tavern feel and function. Cobblestone siding is used to cover all the walls. The countertop and tabletops are made of marble with matching tones, though quartz is a great alternative because of how durable it is. After all, that countertop and those tables are going to be seeing a lot of use from a lot of guests.

Granite stacked stone swim-up bar

A more modern look that focuses on sheer, sharp angles and contrasting color combinations. Granite stacked stone covers the walls and the waterline. Light and dark tiles create a busy pattern, with the rectangular shapes enforcing order upon the chaos. Two-tone granite with complementary colors is used for the countertop and the bar stools. The overall look fits best as part of a modern, angular hardscape in which the luxuriance of the granite is counterbalanced by the geometry of the design.

Pure white marble swim-up bar

Impress your guests with a swim-up bar that evokes images of classical Greece: white marble bar stools, smooth white marble walls, pure white marble countertop, and a roof supported by marble columns with signature Ionic designs. Elegance and beauty without excess. Let your swimming pool echo the Mediterranean and transport your guests to a different era with your very own ancient Greek temple in the middle.


This concludes our list. We hope you found our ideas and suggestions useful or at least a source of inspiration for your own projects. After all, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and your budget.

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