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8 Stone Fountain and Waterfall Ideas

8 Stone Fountain and Waterfall Ideas

Water features such as stone fountains and waterfalls are a gorgeous addition to any garden, patio, or landscape. More than visual aesthetic enhancements, they enrich your space with the soothing sound of flowing water, which promotes relaxation. Read on to find inspiration for your own stone fountain or waterfall project and transform your space into a beautiful, meditative area that will mentally transport your guests and family to beautiful, tranquil locales.

Granite Water Fountain Bird Bath

A classic water feature that combines a water fountain with a bird bath. You can set up more than one around your garden, sit back, and enjoy the sounds of water splashing and birdsong. Depending on your landscape, you can opt for a sleek polished stone look or go for something more rough, rustic, and natural. Your bird bath fountain can be as elaborate as a multi-tier design with decorative carvings or as simple as a granite boulder or a wide granite slab on a sturdy base. No matter your choice, the birds will love it.

Stacked Stone Waterfalls

Waterfall designs centered on stacked stone are incredibly diverse and versatile. Your imagination and budget truly are your only limitations.

Natural Stone Steps

A staircase made out of and surrounded by natural stacked stone can be transformed into a charming waterfall with very few alterations. The end result can be stunning: a small mountain stream in your very own backyard.

Dry Stacked Stone Waterfall

A variation of the stone steps, this is a vertical tiered design, a bonsai waterfall made out of and surrounded by dry stacked natural stone. The water can flow in a small pond or swimming area. This water feature should be perfect for those who want to emphasize their hardscape over their landscape and make heavy use of natural stone.

Stacked Stone Water Wall

A water feature that is not limited to the outdoors, water walls offer rich texture, color, and the always welcome soothing sound of flowing water. Slick black or pure white, quartz ledgestone is a great choice for a modern style building or urban landscape. For something more rustic, natural stacked stone will fit your space best. 

Marble Statue Water Fountain

Statues have been a part of fountains since at least as far back as Ancient Greece, and what better way to enhance your garden with a piece of Classical Greece. Lions have been a popular choice throughout history. Another fitting choice would be the Greek god Poseidon—Neptune for the Romans. Such a fountain should be showcased by being placed in a central position and lit from below. It will certainly seize your guests’ attention and enchant them.

Wall-Mounted Marble Water Fountain

A more subdued alternative to the marble statue, a wall-mounted fountain can add an air of mystery to a corner of your garden. It can be anything, from a lion’s head to a carving of Poseidon’s face, with the spout placed in the mouth. It can be displayed prominently, framed with natural stones or almost obscured by plants, in order to enhance its mystique. It can be a water feature that draws your guests in or one they discover as they explore your garden and are mesmerized by.

The Atlantis

Our final and most extravagant suggestion: tall rectangular marble slabs surround a patio or other seating area and water flows over them, creating a magical scene that is reminiscent of the lost city of Atlantis. To make this lavish setup even more striking, consider using bookmatched pairs of slabs and lighting them from below. The resulting scene should be simply breathtaking, especially at night.

These are all the suggestions we have for you today. We hope you liked them and were at the very least inspired by them to reshape and transform your patio or garden by adding water features that make use of natural stone and marble.

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